Homes by Vanderbuilt Performance Reports

Homes by Vanderbuilt sends out performace reviews to our ustomers to enable us to reward our employees for customer satisfaction of work to correct any shortcomings mentioned on the reviews.

What these performance reports contain:

  • The employee communicated effectively with the homeowner
  • The employee returned homeowner phone calls
  • The employee was courteous
  • The employee followed up on any identified problems

We receive 96% positive reviews
Many customers take the time to write additional notes on the reviews

Examples of comments from performance reports submitted by our customers

  Ronnie was very nice to me, being a first time buyer and very nervous.
  Holt - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  The work mirrors what we saw at the display site and it was completed quicker than we expected. Good job!
  Fairley - 2010
Scotland Co., NC
  We are so happy we selected Vanderbuilt for our new home. We will not hesitate to recommend your company to our family and friends.
  Boudreau - 2011
Harnett Co., NC
  Outstanding Communication!
  Cornwell - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  You've got a great team and true pillars in your company. Caring people are what makes a great foundation!
  Bonniewell - 2009
Isle of Wight, VA
  "All the crew members were extremely nice and concerned about our satisfaction."
  Randy & Kimberly Brown - Ararat, NC  
  They were courteous, answered any questions and explained things that I did not quite understand.
  Patricia Arroyo - Riegelwood, NC  
  I'm very pleased with the quality of work your crew performed and their professionalism. Very accommodating. Thank you!
  Dee Henderson - Cleveland, NC  
  I could not ask for a better experience since Day 1!!
  Jackson - 2010
Orange Co., NC
  All of the crews and clean up were great! An overall outstanding job!
  Thorpe - 2009
Granville Co., NC
  I couldn't believe how smooth it all went. This is our first new home and Tommy and I have felt very well taken care of. Everyone deserves pats on the backs! We will be sending friends your way.
  Erin Lucas - Asheboro, NC  
  "The trim crew did a great job. They were very professional and very knowledgeable and timely in their work on our house. They had no problem answering any questions we had concerning what was being done and how issues were being addressed. They made the whole house finishing experience go smoothly and painless. Thank you for providing a crew of such caliber.
  Mr. & Mrs. Brigman - Robbins, NC  
  "We are extremely pleased with the job this team did with our trim work!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hamilton - Clayton, NC  
  "It was a pleasure to work with this crew. I found them all to be extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They went out of their way to assist me with any concerns I had. It's because of people like them that Homes by Vanderbuilt has the good reputation it does. Keep up the good work!"
  Doug Stroud & Kelly Powell - Carboro, NC  
  I could not have had a better team to work with, Earl is one of the best carpenters we have ever seen.
  Shirey - 2009
Lenoir Co., NC
  Very pleased with work done!
  Brown - 2009
Currituck Co., NC
  I have never been more satisfied with a company. All staff did their job and more.
  Taylor - 2010
Hoke Co., NC
  "It was wonderful dealing with them. They were very helpful and willing to do more than needed."
  Tracy & Tina Magill - Sanford, NC  
  "This crew was very courteous to my family. Excellent job with our new home, and we were very pleased. Thank you for sending these guys."
  Timothy & Stacy Kivett - Seagrove, NC  
  We are extremely pleased with the professionalism shown to us during the purchase and construction of our new home. We would recommend Vanderbuilt to anyone buying a new home.
  Kelly - 2009
Vance Co., NC
  "The trim crew did a great job. They were also very helpful with question we had concerning plumbing, duet work, and the general construction of our home. We wish there were more people that still take pride in their work."
  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Murphy - Mebane, NC  
  "They went the extra mile."
  Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rea - Carthage, NC  
  Excellent work. We are extremely satisfied. The crew was very kind and courteous.
  Christian & Connie Gibbs - Fairfield, NC  
  "The trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. They completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening."
  Mr. & Mrs. Elmore - Bonlee, NC  
  Thank you guys for making my first new home a good experience.
  J. Jones - Isle of Wight, VA  
  "They both were very professional about their job. Also, they were kind to answer all the questions we might have had. Great workers!"
  Steven Greene & Luz Diaz - Lilesville, NC  
  Everything looks great! Thank you!
  Brim - 2011
Surry Co., NC
  "Both gentlemen working on our house did an excellent job. They were very courteous and professional. They were very helpful with any questions we had. Homes by Vanderbuilt should be proud to know they have such outstanding personnel as these two gentlemen. They most definitely deserve a special award."
  Edmond & Tracy Haywood - Mt. Gilead, NC  
  Julie and I were very impressed with their attentiveness to our concerns and the attention to detail of their work. These guys are most outstanding. Many thanks again for sending the best!
  James & Julie Hughes - Stanfield, NC  
  "Thanks again to the Vanderbuilt team. We could not have gotten any nicer people to work with. May God bless you and your families."
  Michael Powell - Durham, NC  
  Was pleased with their service.
  Clay & Dawn Hewett - Cameron, NC  
  I'm telling everyone how great you guys are!!
  Peed - 2009
Martin Co., NC
  Everyone who has seen my home has commented on what an excellent job everyone did.
  Burns - 1996
Chatham Co., NC
  We are very pleased with all of the exceptionally high quality work with an eye for every detail.
  Melvin - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  Everyone I have met has been very helpful and polite. Thanks! Very pleasant crews. Good work!
  White - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  "They did a great job. They went out of their way to do and redo things to please us. They also have gone through extra efforts to get a style replaced on one of our cabinets. We appreciate more than anything the quality of service that we have received from everyone that anything to do with Homes by Vanderbuilt. Thank you so much!!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Satterfield - Timberlake, NC  
  It is quality and workmanship like this crew provided that will allow me to recommend Vanderbuilt Homes to my friends. Thank you so much for the outstanding job and courtesy you showed to me and my family.
  Wayne & Jennifer Robertson - Camden, NC  
  They were great and extremely helpful in all areas.
  Wayne & Leigh Johannessen - Ruffin, NC  
  Vanderbuilt has the best working crew I have ever seen. I would recommend them to anyone.
  Douglas & Ruby Hardison - Hampstead, NC  
  We are very satisfied and can't wait to move in!!
  Michael & Sabrina Nelson - Broadway, NC  

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