Homes by Vanderbuilt Performance Reports

Homes by Vanderbuilt sends out performace reviews to our ustomers to enable us to reward our employees for customer satisfaction of work to correct any shortcomings mentioned on the reviews.

What these performance reports contain:

  • The employee communicated effectively with the homeowner
  • The employee returned homeowner phone calls
  • The employee was courteous
  • The employee followed up on any identified problems

We receive 96% positive reviews
Many customers take the time to write additional notes on the reviews

Examples of comments from performance reports submitted by our customers

  Extremely Satisfied! Outstanding Job!
  Dean - 2009
Surry Co., NC
  “David McCracken helped make this whole process as painless as possible and peace of mind cannot be overstated. In addition, Dave Wilson, Jim Patterson and all the others that I talked with all provided quality service. The whole Vanderbuilt building process was fantastic. I would and will highly recommend HBV to friends and family in the future. Thanks for all your help.”
  Grimsley - 2009
Robeson Co., NC
  "We are extremely pleased with the job this team did with our trim work!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hamilton - Clayton, NC  
  The crew did a great job. I have no complaints; wish all companies had good employees like yours.
  Morris - 1997
Martin Co., NC
  "They volunteered some additional information that has proved to be very helpful, saving me time and money. This is the kind of service I've gotten used to with Homes by Vanderbuilt. Thank you all very much!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Blackwell - Stem, NC  
  "They was were very friendly, polite and readily answered questions, giving suggestions and guidance when asked. It was great getting to know them and I am pleased they worked on our house. The are professionals at their job and treat people with respect. They possess qualities seldom seen in today's work force. Outstanding job!"
  Herbert & Cornelia Jackson - Carthage, NC  
  "They both were very professional about their job. Also, they were kind to answer all the questions we might have had. Great workers!"
  Steven Greene & Luz Diaz - Lilesville, NC  
  Very nice & explanatory about everything. Answered all questions and very happy to fix anything we pointed out.
  Hill/Galloway - 2009
Henderson Co., NC
  "The trim crew was very professional and courteous!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Harward - Sanford, NC  
  Very nice people, very professional, an friendly. They know what they are doing.
  Edward & Cathy Ottman - Williamston, NC  
  Vanderbuilt has the best working crew I have ever seen. I would recommend them to anyone.
  Douglas & Ruby Hardison - Hampstead, NC  
  "The trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. They completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening."
  Mr. & Mrs. Elmore - Bonlee, NC  
  Thank you guys for making my first new home a good experience.
  J. Jones - Isle of Wight, VA  
  The service I received was outstanding - wonderful people & courteous!! Highly recommend!
  Whisenhunt - 2011
Granville Co., NC
  Extremely Satisfied! Outstanding Job!
  Snyder - 2007
Alexander Co., NC
  "They did a superb job. They were always ready to repair whatever we pointed out no matter how big or how small, they attempted to fix everything for us. Beside that they were fun to be around. They had a good attitude about everything!!!"
  Charles & Shirley Crews - Mocksville, NC  
  I was very impressed with the service I received a few weeks ago. I bought my home from your company 3 years ago, had an issue and you guys came out no questions asked. Top notch service and I want to say thank you for doing an awesome job!
  Moss - 2006
Moore Co., NC
  All of the crews and clean up were great! An overall outstanding job!
  Thorpe - 2009
Granville Co., NC
  Work performed in an excellent manner.
  Mainer Milam - Littleton, NC  
  "The trim crew was very knowledgeable of the job. Also, they were very professional. If I were to purchase another home from Homes by Vanderbuilt I would request these two men for my trim work. Great guys!"
  Rodney Edmunds - Carthage, NC  
  Extremely pleased with their work. Great job.
  Jim & Mary Jo Cusack - Advance, NC  
  All I can say is Dave W. & David M. are second to none when it comes to handling business.
  Wiggins - 2010
Chowan Co., NC
  "They fixed everything I asked of them."
  Mr. & Mrs. Roy Neely - Middlesex, NC  
  "They're simply fantastic. They were very thorough when they did the work. We were so impressed with the quality of their work. They were very professional and extremely detailed and conscientious. If I ever buy another home I would want the trim crew to do the finish work again. They are a huge asset to your company."
  Mr. & Mrs. James Spoon - Denton, NC  
  "Your whole crew was very courteous and extremely professional in all the work they did. We really appreciate everything they did."
  Charles & Diana Ellis - Sanford, NC  
  "I am truly pleased with their attitude, work performance, and ethic. Good job."
  Mr. & Mrs. Hebert - White Oak, NC  
  Very nice crew. Outstanding Job!
  Stanley - 2009
Rockingham Co., NC
  "Superior job and fine workers! I would highly recommend them."
  Mr. & Mrs. Fiedler - Jefferson, SC  
  Their workmanship is commendable. I am very pleased with the job they performed.
  Hernandez/Garrett - 2009
Davidson Co., NC
  All crews were outstanding!
  Jordan - 2009
Cumberland Co., NC
  "Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality of the work performed by this team. They were both friendly and courteous as well as professional. We couldn't have asked for a better quality job. We appreciate their good work."
  John & Ann Imbaratto - Laurinburg, NC  
  We are thoroughly pleased to have had Gary and his team work on our home. Their professionalism, courtesy and commitment to excellence in their work are commendable. We certainly would recommend them to others considering your modular homes.
  David Bowerman - Elberon, VA  
  "They did a fabulous job on our home. They were extremely courteous and very knowledgeable. They went above and beyond what we expected of them. I wish I could call them for all my "honey do" lists. We appreciate all you have done for us!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Mitchell - Apex, NC  
  "They went the extra mile."
  Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rea - Carthage, NC  
  We are thoroughly pleased to have had Gary and his team work on our home. Their professionalism, courtesy, and commitment to excellence in their work are commendable. We certainly would recommend them to others considering your modular homes.
  David Bowerman - Elberon, VA  
  I appreciated the fact that they were patient with all my questions!
  Troyer - 2010
Moore Co., NC
  Doug & Ernest are the most respectful, honest, & thorough crew that I have experienced in 40 years. They take much pride in their work and don't rush.
  Ward - 2010
Montgomery Co., NC
  "A+ performance!"
  Wayne & Amy Brown - Cameron, NC  
  Everyone I have met has been very helpful and polite. Thanks! Very pleasant crews. Good work!
  White - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  "The three workmen were very accommodating beyond usual expectations!"
  Albert Collier - Chapel Hill, NC  

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