Homes by Vanderbuilt Performance Reports

Homes by Vanderbuilt sends out performace reviews to our ustomers to enable us to reward our employees for customer satisfaction of work to correct any shortcomings mentioned on the reviews.

What these performance reports contain:

  • The employee communicated effectively with the homeowner
  • The employee returned homeowner phone calls
  • The employee was courteous
  • The employee followed up on any identified problems

We receive 96% positive reviews
Many customers take the time to write additional notes on the reviews

Examples of comments from performance reports submitted by our customers

  We are thoroughly pleased to have had Gary and his team work on our home. Their professionalism, courtesy and commitment to excellence in their work are commendable. We certainly would recommend them to others considering your modular homes.
  David Bowerman - Elberon, VA  
  "They were very thorough in their inspection of the house and made any adjusments that were needed. They did a great job on the finish and trim work. We are very pleased with the work they did on our home."
  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Taylor - West End, NC  
  Unbelievably great job on delivery and setup. I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the speed at which they worked.
  Cochran - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  "The trim crew did a great job. They were very professional and very knowledgeable and timely in their work on our house. They had no problem answering any questions we had concerning what was being done and how issues were being addressed. They made the whole house finishing experience go smoothly and painless. Thank you for providing a crew of such caliber.
  Mr. & Mrs. Brigman - Robbins, NC  
  Everything has been seamless, flawless, & an awesome job!
  Stokes - 2009
Richland Co., NC
  I wish everyone we did business with was as great as these guys. We sure are impressed with their skills and ability to satisfy.
  Ketchum - 2011
Isle of Wight, VA
  Extremely Satisfied! Outstanding Job!
  Edmonds - 2009
Union Co., NC
  "These guys were very nice and did a super job!"
  Sean & Emily Woody - Apex, NC  
  Responsive and thorough, always called back with answers to our questions in a timely manner - which is not typical in this industry.
  Bedford - 2009
Caswell Co., NC
  "Dealing with this crew was a breath of fresh air in today's world. They were courteous and helpful throughout the entire experience of building our home. If only everyone could be so nice."
  Mark Hood - Willow Springs, NC  
  Thank you guys for my first new home, a great experience.
  Jones - 2009
Isle of Wight, VA
  They were extremely thorough, did everything we asked without question, and their work was extremely good.
  Sink - 2010
Davidson Co., NC
  Outstanding job! Great clean up.
  Nash - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  "The trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. They completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening."
  Mr. & Mrs. Elmore - Bonlee, NC  
  "I was very impressed with this crew and how nice they were. They handled all of my issues expediently and courteously!"
  Emily Voss - Carthage, NC  
  "You have a very good crew here. Did an outstanding job!"
  Edward Ertle - Sanford, NC  
  Very pleasant to know & be around. Thanks for a job well done!
  Wall - 2009
Rockingham Co., NC
  Extremely Satisfied! Outstanding Job!
  Snyder - 2007
Alexander Co., NC
  "They not only did a very good job they made me feel as if I were one of their best friends. I sure wish there were more people in this world like them. If I could do something for them let me know. Thanks for the great workers."
  Rodney Cameron - Smithfield, VA  
  "The trim crew did an excellent job with the trim-out on our home. They were very courteous, and the professionalism with which they approached their jobs gave us full confidence and comfort in our decision to purchase our home from Homes by Vanderbuilt. It has been a pleasure to work with this team."
  Mr. & Mrs. J. Kimball - West End, NC  
  Communication was great and a fabulous job was done!
  Coffin - 2009
Moore Co., NC
  "They did a great job. They were very quick and efficient."
  David & Kristie Roberson - Pittsboro, NC  
  Outstanding Job!
  Adcock - 2009
Union Co., NC
  "It was wonderful dealing with them. They were very helpful and willing to do more than needed."
  Tracy & Tina Magill - Sanford, NC  
  Julie and I were very impressed with their attentiveness to our concerns and the attention to detail of their work. These guys are most outstanding. Many thanks again for sending the best!
  James & Julie Hughes - Stanfield, NC  
  Very Satisfied!
  Barker - 2009
Lee Co., NC
  All I can say is Dave W. & David M. are second to none when it comes to handling business.
  Wiggins - 2010
Chowan Co., NC
  "Superior job and fine workers! I would highly recommend them."
  Mr. & Mrs. Fiedler - Jefferson, SC  
  "Both gentlemen working on our house did an excellent job. They were very courteous and professional. They were very helpful with any questions we had. Homes by Vanderbuilt should be proud to know they have such outstanding personnel as these two gentlemen. They most definitely deserve a special award."
  Edmond & Tracy Haywood - Mt. Gilead, NC  
  Quite courteous & quick to respond to questions.
  Shupe - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  They did a great job.
  Walter & Felicia Lankford - Sanford, NC  
  "We love the trim crew they were so sweet. If all of your crews are like the trim crew it's easy to see why you do so much business and come highly recommended. We will and have passed on the recommendation with high praise. Please give our best to your trim crew."
  Roy May and Charlotte Whatley - Jamestown, SC  
  I couldn't believe how smooth it all went. This is our first new home and Tommy and I have felt very well taken care of. Everyone deserves pats on the backs! We will be sending friends your way.
  Erin Lucas - Asheboro, NC  
  We are extremely pleased with the professionalism shown to us during the purchase and construction of our new home. The courtesy shown to us by David, Belinda, Dave and Curtis made the experience very easy. We would recommend Vanderbuilt to anyone buying a new home. They were very responsive to any issues we had.
  James & Jean Kelly - Vance Co, NC  
  Ronnie and Richard have done an exceptional job and they are very nice guys.
  Jackson - 2010
Orange Co., NC
  The trim crew did a wonderful job and did the very best at everything they worked on. These guys have done a very good job at my house!
  Holley - 2008
Sampson Co., NC
  " They did a good job!"
  Mr. & Mrs. P. Noell - Timberlake, NC  
  "They did a great job. They went out of their way to do and redo things to please us. They also have gone through extra efforts to get a style replaced on one of our cabinets. We appreciate more than anything the quality of service that we have received from everyone that anything to do with Homes by Vanderbuilt. Thank you so much!!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Satterfield - Timberlake, NC  
  "The trim crew were very good at what they did and did it in a timely and professional manner. My wife and I are very pleased."
  Mr. James Januzik - West End, NC  
  Vanderbuilt has the best working crew I have ever seen. I would recommend them to anyone.
  Douglas & Ruby Hardison - Hampstead, NC  

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