Homes by Vanderbuilt Performance Reports

Homes by Vanderbuilt sends out performace reviews to our ustomers to enable us to reward our employees for customer satisfaction of work to correct any shortcomings mentioned on the reviews.

What these performance reports contain:

  • The employee communicated effectively with the homeowner
  • The employee returned homeowner phone calls
  • The employee was courteous
  • The employee followed up on any identified problems

We receive 96% positive reviews
Many customers take the time to write additional notes on the reviews

Examples of comments from performance reports submitted by our customers

  "The crew did an exceptionally good job. They were nice and answered any questions I had and even showed me how to do some of the work they were doing. Good job."
  Mr. & Mrs. Barry Thomas  
  Super job!
  Crumpton - 2009
Person Co., NC
  "We would just like to thank everyone at Homes by Vanderbuilt, who helped us get our new home! It makes such a difference to work with nice people."
  Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bagley - Asheboro, NC  
  Julie and I were very impressed with their attentiveness to our concerns and the attention to detail of their work. These guys are most outstanding. Many thanks again for sending the best!
  James & Julie Hughes - Stanfield, NC  
  These gentlemen were very efficient and did a great job. They were friendly and respectful. Great Job!
  Donald Strickland - Raeford, NC  
  Great job. Thanks for a very nice house.
  Langdon - 2009
Johnston Co., NC
  They did an unbelievably great job on the delivery and set up. It was amazing to watch how well the team worked together and how easy they make it look. I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship and speed they worked.
  Cochran - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  They were extremely thorough, did everything we asked without question, and their work was extremely good.
  Sink - 2010
Davidson Co., NC
  Great job, very polite and helpful!
  Wrenn/Tuggle - 2009
Pittsylvania Co., VA
  You've got a great team and true pillars in your company. Caring people are what makes a great foundation!
  Bonniewell - 2009
Isle of Wight, VA
  "They did an outstanding job on our home. They answered all of our questions and were very courteous. We were very impressed and will recommend this crew to anyone we know purchasing a home from Homes by Vanderbuilt."
  Brain & Angie Collins - Vass, NC  
  "This crew was very courteous to my family. Excellent job with our new home, and we were very pleased. Thank you for sending these guys."
  Timothy & Stacy Kivett - Seagrove, NC  
  I could not be more pleased with the crews who have worked on my home to date. Every single person I have had the time to talk with has made it a point to answer my questions, explain what they were doing and complement me on my choice of home and the company I chose to purchase it from. The crews that have represented you think very highly of Vanderbuilt Homes and take a great deal of pride in their work.
  Hunter McCray - Supply, NC  
  Did an outstanding job.
  Billy & Ruth Lineberry - Carthage, NC  
  We had an excellent experience building with Vanderbuilt and would recommend them to anyone who wants to build.
  Shaw - 2010
Lee Co., NC
  I would recommend them on any job. Very courteous & honest. Does a very good job!
  Woodard - 2010
Warren Co., NC
  They did a very good job. The weather was warm and the ground was muddy, but they were very careful not to track on the carpet.
  Little - 2010
Warren Co., NC
  All of the crews have been very nice to us!!
  Frank & Brenda Wells - Raeford, NC  
  "They fixed everything I asked of them."
  Mr. & Mrs. Roy Neely - Middlesex, NC  
  "This team was impressive and helpful. I appreciate the job well done."
  Mr. & Mrs. Joel Dickens - Broadway, NC  
  Quite courteous & quick to respond to questions.
  Shupe - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  Very Satisfied!
  Bennett - 2009
Guilford Co., NC
  "They showed great craftsmanship and were very courteous and prompt. We enjoyed having them as our finish crew. They were very professional and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with their work."
  Mr. & Mrs. Ward - Clarendon, NC  
  They were very helpful and courteous. They did a great job and were a pleasure to do business with.
  Godfrey - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  Doug & Ernest are the most respectful, honest, & thorough crew that I have experienced in 40 years. They take much pride in their work and don't rush.
  Ward - 2010
Montgomery Co., NC
  It is quality and workmanship like this crew provided that will allow me to recommend Vanderbuilt Homes to my friends. Thank you so much for the outstanding job and courtesy you showed to me and my family.
  Robertson - 1999
Stokes Co., NC
  "The trim crew did a great job. They were very professional and very knowledgeable and timely in their work on our house. They had no problem answering any questions we had concerning what was being done and how issues were being addressed. They made the whole house finishing experience go smoothly and painless. Thank you for providing a crew of such caliber.
  Mr. & Mrs. Brigman - Robbins, NC  
  All of the crews and clean up were great! An overall outstanding job!
  Thorpe - 2009
Granville Co., NC
  It is quality and workmanship like this crew provided that will allow me to recommend Vanderbuilt Homes to my friends. Thank you so much for the outstanding job and courtesy you showed to me and my family.
  Wayne & Jennifer Robertson - Camden, NC  
  Very pleasant to know & be around. Thanks for a job well done!
  Wall - 2009
Rockingham Co., NC
  Their workmanship is commendable. I am very pleased with the job they performed.
  Hernandez/Garrett - 2009
Davidson Co., NC
  "They were very knowledgeable of their job and were a pleasure to have them working on our house. These workers were outstanding."
  Mr. & Mrs. Montague - Roxboro, NC  
  "I am so pleased to report the workers have done an excellent job. I'm so pleased with the results. The house is very clean. There is no construction debris inside. They were very courteous and helpful. I'm going to love this house. The kitchen is my dream."
  Jane McKinney - Southern Pines, NC  
  "The trim crew did an excellent job. They were very courteous and informative. They were very helpful as far as providing us information on issues that were not even related particularly to their assignment. They were always concerned about any issues I brought up. They never made me feel like I was being bothersome. Great job!"
  Dale & Michelle Boyette - Lucama, NC  
  The trim crew did a wonderful job and did the very best at everything they worked on. These guys have done a very good job at my house!
  Tim & Tammy Holley - Roseboro, NC  
  Overall great job by all Vanderbuilt staff.
  Richard & Carrier McCann - Aberdeen, NC  
  Gary & his team have been a true pleasure, their work is second to none! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
  Spooner - 2010
Richmond Co., NC
  "The trim crew was very knowledgeable of the job. Also, they were very professional. If I were to purchase another home from Homes by Vanderbuilt I would request these two men for my trim work. Great guys!"
  Rodney Edmunds - Carthage, NC  
  "All crews have been very pleasant and helpful! A pleasure to work with!!"
  Steve & Kelly Bowers - Franklinville, NC  
  "The trim crew did a great job. They kept the job site clean and did great work. They were very courteous and did each job pointed out to them without a complaint."
  Bobby & Amy Moore - Liberty, NC  

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