Homes by Vanderbuilt Performance Reports

Homes by Vanderbuilt sends out performace reviews to our ustomers to enable us to reward our employees for customer satisfaction of work to correct any shortcomings mentioned on the reviews.

What these performance reports contain:

  • The employee communicated effectively with the homeowner
  • The employee returned homeowner phone calls
  • The employee was courteous
  • The employee followed up on any identified problems

We receive 96% positive reviews
Many customers take the time to write additional notes on the reviews

Examples of comments from performance reports submitted by our customers

  All of Vanderbuilt crews have been exceptional. We are very satisfied with this experience.
  Robert Malloy - Clemmons, NC  
  Outstanding Job!
  Adcock - 2009
Union Co., NC
  Great work on a tough job!
  Dejianne - 2009
Orange Co., NC
  Home looks nice & clean, looks just like the model!
  Johnson - 2009
Granville Co., NC
  Unbelievably great job on delivery and setup. I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the speed at which they worked.
  Cochran - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  "We were well pleased with the job they did on my home."
  Joseph & Michelle Beck - Asheboro, NC  
  Everything has been seamless, flawless, & an awesome job!
  Stokes - 2009
Richland Co., NC
  "They're simply fantastic. They were very thorough when they did the work. We were so impressed with the quality of their work. They were very professional and extremely detailed and conscientious. If I ever buy another home I would want the trim crew to do the finish work again. They are a huge asset to your company."
  Mr. & Mrs. James Spoon - Denton, NC  
  I am exceptionally pleased with this crew's work. Beautiful job!
  Rosenberger - 2009
Chatham Co., NC
  Thank you! My wife loves her house!!!
  Crouse - 2009
Orange Co., NC
  The crew did a wonderful job! When asking questions they gave answers to explain in a way that anyone could understand. The company should be thankful for guys that work the way they do.
  Dillard - 2010
Gates Co., NC
  I would like to say thank you for a great job well done. This crew did a fantastic job. I could not have asked for a smoother process. I would refer this company to anybody. Your company can not be beat with price, quality, nor customer service which makes you number one in my family
  Kevin Smith - South Hampton, VA  
  Very pleasant to know & be around. Thanks for a job well done!
  Wall - 2009
Rockingham Co., NC
  Very Satisfied!
  Barker - 2009
Lee Co., NC
  They did a great job.
  Walter & Felicia Lankford - Sanford, NC  
  "We have nothing but praise for every crew and every man that worked on our house. All of them were super. We know we did the right thing when we chose Homes by Vanderbuilt."
  Mr. & Mrs. Gary Holt - Sanford, NC  
  Ronnie was very nice to me, being a first time buyer and very nervous.
  Holt - 2009
Harnett Co., NC
  "We would just like to thank everyone at Homes by Vanderbuilt, who helped us get our new home! It makes such a difference to work with nice people."
  Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bagley - Asheboro, NC  
  They did an excellent job.
  David Asbill - Sophia, NC  
  "We were very pleased with the work the trim crew did. We have had many comments on the outstanding work. They were very helpful and courteous and should be rewarded for an excellent job. We are very excited about moving in and showing off our new home!"
  Mr. & Mrs. Frankie Williamson - Siler City, NC  
  They were extremely thorough, did everything we asked without question, and their work was extremely good.
  Sink - 2010
Davidson Co., NC
  These crews have been very nice & on time, we are very pleased with their work. This is the second home we have purchased from Vanderbuilt.
  Turner - 2004
Cumberland Co., NC
  Thank you guys for my first new home, a great experience.
  Jones - 2009
Isle of Wight, VA
  It is quality and workmanship like this crew provided that will allow me to recommend Vanderbuilt Homes to my friends. Thank you so much for the outstanding job and courtesy you showed to me and my family.
  Wayne & Jennifer Robertson - Camden, NC  
  My husband and I have been extremely pleased. Very courteous and informative of the progress on our home. Everything is perfect and I recommend the highest of special awards!
  Gary & Selena Brayboy - Roland NC  
  Excellent job! Very helpful and courteous!
  Gibson - 2009
Guilford Co., NC
  We had an excellent experience building with Vanderbuilt and would recommend them to anyone who wants to build.
  Shaw - 2010
Lee Co., NC
  "They were very thorough in their inspection of the house and made any adjusments that were needed. They did a great job on the finish and trim work. We are very pleased with the work they did on our home."
  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Taylor - West End, NC  
  "The trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. They completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening."
  Mr. & Mrs. Elmore - Bonlee, NC  
  "Everyone has been a pleasure to work with. You have a great organization and a very helpful staff. Thank you so much!"
  Ken & Ann Handy - Monroe, NC  
  "They were very courteous. They were eager to answer all of our questions and provide us with the best quality work! We are very pleased and would recommend them to anyone."
  Kane & Sherri Cox - Fairfield, NC  
  When I walked into my home it was so very nice. Thank you so much for having such a great crew to work with!
  Gatten - 2010
Lee Co., NC
  "They did a great job. They were very quick and efficient."
  David & Kristie Roberson - Pittsboro, NC  
  "I was very pleased with their work. They were there early, worked late, and did a super job. They were very likeable, courteous, answered any questions we had, and just did a wonderful job cleaning up the mess! I was very satisfied. Any last minute problems were very minor, but were taken care of nonetheless.
  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walter - Madison, NC  
  "The trim crew did better than outstanding. Nothing short of awesome describes their work. They put their all into the work, and it shows. They were friendly, did the trim work with the utmost professionalism, and even went out of their way to bring little extras to the home so I would not have to wait for a service call. In my book they're the best!"
  Imogene Cogar - Angier, NC  
  "The trim crew was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. They were also very professional and knew their job."
  Edward Bullock - Manson, NC  
  "They did a superb job. They were always ready to repair whatever we pointed out no matter how big or how small, they attempted to fix everything for us. Beside that they were fun to be around. They had a good attitude about everything!!!"
  Charles & Shirley Crews - Mocksville, NC  
  "It was wonderful dealing with them. They were very helpful and willing to do more than needed."
  Tracy & Tina Magill - Sanford, NC  
  Super people, Super service!
  Wilson - 2011
Florence Co., SC
  You guys did beautiful work. Very thorough! Great Job!
  Yonish - 2010
Moore Co., NC

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